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Shooters Club

Tiger's Shooters Club


Welcome to the Tiger’s Shooters Club! The 2020-21 season will run from June 1, 2021 through September 17, 2021. The Shooter's club is a program designed to get boys and girls in the basketball program to become better shooters while we provide some great incentives. 

How?  Count the shots you make every time you shoot. 

Kids can track their shots in a few different ways

  1. Time based: record 50 shots for each half hour of practice
  2. Shot based: count all shots (even if shots are missed)

(Total shots are accumulated from year to year to determine prizes. There is an annual 10,000 shot maximum.)

Track your shots here (PDF)

Some ideas for shooting:

--Game type situations

--Free throws. Note: At least 15% of your made shots should be free throws.

--Form Shooting from all different distances

--3 Point Shooting

--Spot Up & Pull Up

--Transition Shooting

--Mimic Screen Shooting

--Finish in the Paint (Layups Right & Left, drop step move, turnaround jumpers, etc.)


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